Excuses For Not Having An Estate Plan


Estate Plans Aren’t Exciting

It’s easy to make excuses.  There are a lot more fun things you could be doing with your time and money, but estate planning is something every responsible adult should do.  You have probably been putting it off for one or more of the reasons below.

We have made estate planning fast, easy and inexpensive.  You know you need to get it done.  You can start today and be done faster than you ever thought possible.


The Four Common Excuses for Not Having An Estate Plan

EXCUSE#1My Estate is Too Small.

ANSWER: Many people underestimate the size of their estate.  Your estate is much more than your checkbook balance. It includes the value of your home, your retirement savings and any life insurance.  If you have children and especially if you own your home, proper estate planning can save thousands of dollars after you die.

EXCUSE #2: Joint Ownership of Accounts With My Children is All I Need.

ANSWER:No, it isn’t.  Unless you only have one child, it is impossible to keep accounts for more than one child equal.  Also, adding a child to an account exposes that account to your child’s liabilities.  It can create control problem when you are alive and gift tax problems when you die.   Trying to save a few dollars by managing an estate with joint ownership can cost much more in taxes and family discord for generations to come.  Why take the chance?

EXCUSE #3:  I Don’t Want To Pay a Lawyer to Draw Up The Plan.

ANSWER:You can use a computer program or internet service like LegalZoom(c) to create documents similar to those an attorney would prepare for you.  The chances are very good that these “one-size-fits-all” approaches will be inadequate in any specific case.  Few clients need just a simple will.  If there is anything about your situation that not plain vanilla, you need to see a lawyer and only a lawyer can tell you if your situation is truly plain vanilla.  The problems you create by not getting competent legal advice probably won’t be yours.  Don’t risk leaving a legacy of problems for your children to clean up.  

EXCUSE #4:  It Takes Too Much Time.

ANSWER:  Estate planning is easier and more convenient than ever.   Central Park Law, PLLC offers a combination of online services through TrustAnswers.com and in-office services to help you every step of the way.  TrustAnswers.com, Central Park Law’s online legal services portal, allows to to complete the process completely online, on your schedule, with the confidence and security of review and input from a Michigan lawyer.

It is quick, easy and painless.  

We help you every step of the way.