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My Kids are Grown,

I Have Grandchildren…

How Do I Secure My Legacy?

Now that your own children are adults, you have different concerns.  

You may want to help provide college educations for your grandchildren and leave a long term legacy.

A Trust provides you the flexibility and control you need to make sure the resources you leave behind are used the way you want, when you want.   A trust can give you the ability to say not only who receives your assets, but when an how.

You may be concerned about the cost of nursing home care and the possible burden it may place on your spouse and your family.  Proper planning can reduce or eliminate those concerns and still give you the ability to leave an inheritance for your loved ones.

Don’t get caught with just a will.  As you get older it is more important to have a trust that protects your spouse, children and assets from the costly burdens of long term care.

At Central Park Law estate planning is quick, easy and painless.  

We help you every step of the way.