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How will the buyer pay for the property. In a typical transaction the buyer will be getting a new mortgage on the property. In some cases the property will be sold on land contract and in others the buyer will pay cash and not need to get a mortgage on this property.

Closing Costs and Prorations

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Seller Information

Who will be signing the documents for the Seller?

Who will be signing the Land Contract for the Seller?

Buyer Information

Who will be signing the documents for the Buyer?

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Information About the Property

The Legal Description can be found on the deed or the title insurance paperwork for the property. Generally a shortened version of the legal description is on the property tax bill. If your description is very long, you can upload a copy of the deed or other document containing the description.

Upload a copy of the deed, title insurance or other file that contains the legal description.

This is usually a 12 digit number that can be found on your tax bill.

Terms of the Sale

Most of this is easy: purchase price, interest rate, etc.  Some of it may be more difficult: escrow amount, balloon payment, etc.  

Just take your time, follow the instructions, and if you get really stuck, contact us using the link below.

The amount the Buyer has paid the Seller at the time of signing the purchase agreement to hold the property until the land contract can be signed. (Usually 500.00 - 2000.00)

Amount the Buyer pays to the Seller at the time of the signing of the land contract. (Usually 5% to 20% of the total purchase price)
Land Contract Financing Information

The amount of the monthly payment. If you are not sure what this amount should be, we can calculate it for you using the purchase price, down payment, interest rate and length of term information.

Closing Costs and Prorations

Who will pay the following costs?

Is This A Primary Residence?

Home Sale Contingencies

Some transactions are contingent upon the Buyer selling their current home and/or the Seller finding a new home to purchase.

In some instances the Buyer would like the Seller to take the properth off the market during the contingency period. If this is the case, the Seller may not Sell the property to another party during the contingency period.

If the Buyer does not want the Seller to accept offers from other potential Buyers during the contingency period, Buyer should give Seller a non-refundable deposit to keep the property off the market. At the end of the contingency period, if the Buyer does not purchase the property, the Seller keeps the payment. If the Buyer purchases the property, the payment is applied toward the purchase price.

Personal Property

This could include furniture, applicances, etc.

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