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Central Park Law gives you the ease of the internet combined with almost 20 years of real estate experience.

If you are buying or selling a home by owner, entering into a land contract or lease or simply trying to transfer a piece of real estate by deed.  You can save time and money by working online.

Our easy online questionnaires at TrustAnswers.com mean many real estate matters can be completed without ever entering an attorney’s office.  

Nothing replaces the knowledge and experience of a real lawyer.  That is what you get at Central Park Law.  You can take advantage of the power of the internet and leverage the expertise of licensed Michigan Attorney, Nathan Bocks.  No “legal-forms” site can provide the confidence and security of a real Michigan Lawyer looking out for you.  Central Park Law’s real estate services are second to none.

Buy - Sell Agreements

Michigan Real Estate transactions must meet specific requirements to be valid.  

When a Home Is Sold, Do You Know...

  • What Documents MUST be filed ?
  • What Information MUST be disclosed to  Buyers?
  • When to there might be lead paint in your home?  
  • What taxes must be paid?

If you don't know the answers to ALL of these questions you need the assistance of a Michigan Attorney experienced in Real Estate Law.  

Central Park Law has ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRES for you to complete which allow us to prepare a custom drafted Purchase Agreement specifically for your transaction. 

All online services are located on TrustAnswers.com. 

Land Contracts

Michigan Law now requires that, except in limited circumstances, all land contracts must be drafted by a mortgage broker or licensed Michigan attorney.  

Don’t risk an improperly created land contract.  Central Park Law, PLLC has responded to the new regulations and created an easy to complete LAND CONTRACT QUESTIONNAIRE.   We use the information you provide to create a custom land contract drafted to meet the needs of your specific situation.  

If you are selling your primary residence on land contract to a buyer who will be using the home as their primary residence, you can complete your own land contract.  Central Park Law has created our own service for Online Legal Services: TrustAnswers.com.  You can create a Land Contract without ever entering a lawyer's office.

All documents needed for a complete transaction are included: Land Contract, Memorandum of Land Contract, Property Transfer Affidavit, Homestead Exemption Update (if applicable), Lead Paint Disclosures (if applicable).

At Central Park Law, we make Real Estate quick, easy and painless.  

We help you every step of the way.

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